Las Vegas Strip Community Information

With the positive impact Downtown Las Vegas is having on the Las Vegas valley it is easy to say that Southern Nevada has now arrived on the national scene and should be recognized for its alternative living conditions as much as, if not more than, its famed tourist attractions. Less than a decade ago, analysts were predicting Southern Nevada's population would reach $1 million by the year 2000. Surpassing even the most ambitious predictions, the area topped a million citizens in 1994. As experts continue to examine the future of Las Vegas, the latest predictions indicate the area's population will double by year-end 2005. Perhaps the biggest factor in Las Vegas' population growth is the quality of life the city offers. Over two-thirds of respondents to a Las Vegas perspective community wide survey indicated satisfaction within the Las Vegas downtown and strip districts.

In the past, customers who wanted to gamble visited places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City while those seeking other forms of entertainment went to Orlando, Florida or Hollywood, California. However, today's modernized casinos, affectionately knows as ?entertainment superstores,? such as the Mirage, MGM Grand, Bellagio, Venetian, Paris, Caesar's Palace, Hard Rock Hotel, Aladdin and Mandalay Bay now combine the entertainment influences of Hollywood and Orlando with those of traditional Las Vegas while providing exciting new destinations for visitors. The glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip offers everything from gambling to live performances from the very best in the entertainment business.

Still, there is so much more to the city than what is advertised or seen in movies. Like virtually everything in Las Vegas, educational facilities continue to expand to meet the area's growing population. Las Vegas residents recently voiced their support of education by approving a $650 million bond issue to fund the Clark Country School District, the 10th largest in the nation. For high school seniors seeking to further their education in the Las Vegas area both the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and the Community College of Southern Nevada provide outstanding educational programs. Additionally, the University of Nevada Medical School provides educational and residency programs while UNLV's School of Law helps pave the way for students wishing to become future attorneys.

Southern Nevada's 320-days of sunshine a year afford residents the opportunity to also take advantage of the region's many outdoor activities. Beautifully designed golf courses can be found scattered all over the city while nearby mountain ranges provide residents with mountain biking, hiking and hunting opportunities. Many man-made, stocked lakes are also in the area and enable locals to experience fishing at its finest. For the less adventurous, today's downtown district is defined by newly designed Fremont Street Experience, Neonopolis and other interesting projects beyond the refurbished and improved casinos.

Neonopolis on the Fremont Street Experience is home to over 20 retail shops, featuring open courtyards, alfresco dining and historic neon sculptures making downtown an extraordinary, compelling destination. Locals can enjoy a movie at Crown Theater's 14-screen state of the art complex or have an exhilarating experience in Jillian's entertainment wonderland. Jillian's, a popular restaurant chain, has games for the entire family, a high-tech bowling alley and plays heart pumping music when the restaurant turns into a nightclub during the evening hours.

The combination of new retail, commercial, industrial, entertainment and residential development make Las Vegas one of the most unique cities in the world. Tourists fall in love with the city and its flashing lights the moment they arrive. Longtime residents say they fell in love with the city the moment they realized a city actually existed beyond the neon lights. So, come discover the true beauty of Las Vegas and take the first step toward achieving a more fulfilling lifestyle.

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